Translations for the BoatShow Palma 33rd edition

Translations for the BoatShow Palma 33rd edition

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I am excited to say that this year I am the English translator working with the PR agency covering the Palma Boat Show. COM365 contacted me after I was recommended by another one of their providers, a German journalist and translator. They have won the tender to cover the PR and media needed for this multimillion Euro event two years in a row. I am their go-to translator and will translate all the press releases going out to the English speaking press about the Show.

This involves an intense few days while the show is actually on when communication will be going out constantly and I will need to be on call for them during this time. Apart from all the communiqués that need to be sent out in the run-up to the event.

I enjoy working in this way, despite the intensity and the tight deadlines – it means I am effectively a part of their team; I am their ‘translation partner’.

I feel a lot of companies can benefit from this kind of collaboration, as it is only when you make translation an integral part of your communication efforts that you get the best results. I get to know the project inside-out, I learn on the job, adopt the in-house style, and provide time-sensitive and efficient translations.

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