My first Powwow coming up soon!

My first Powwow coming up soon!

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Here´s a photo of my dog, who is usually the only other being I interact with whilst at work!

Very excited to be attending my first Proz Powwow event soon.

A Powwow is an informal event, organised by Proz members, whereby you can meet other professional translators. This is a biggie for translators as we are most often to be found ALONE, in our offices, with no one but our PCs, and if we are lucky, a dog, or a cat to keep us company.

So it’s great that we get to do something social and that we get to meet other like-minded individuals.

I´m really looking forward to it, and if you are a translator based in Mallorca, why not think about coming along?

It´s on a Saturday, which is a good day to take some time off actual work, don´t you think?

And who knows, we might even get some work or future collaborations out of it…

Here´s the link with all the info:


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