Hong Kong Eat & Travel Weekly visit Mallorca

Hong Kong Eat & Travel Weekly visit Mallorca

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Visiting Macià Batle winery with HK Eat&Travel Weekly

At the beginning of this month a reporter and photographer from Hong Kong’s popular Eat & Travel Weekly magazine visited Mallorca to prepare a 20 page feature they are running on the island.

The HK Eat & Travel Weekly ”reaches a very wide spectrum of readership aged from 18 to 45, and the circulation per week amounts to about 180,000.”

The magazine regularly runs themed featured on particular destinations and their local gastronomic culture. Mallorca is their latest chosen destination.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with their team as their gastronomic guide and translator during their visit. I helped organise relevant visits and interviews and then translated from Spanish into English for Venus, the HK E&T reporter.

I am writing up our visits to local businesses and will publish them on my blog soon – so keep checking back!

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