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Hi there!

Hope you are enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather!

Quick update from me:

I have mostly been…
Translating, proofreading and writing for Mallorca businesses, from Son Amar, to the Marriott and the Palma Aquarium.

I have had an article published in Spanish in INPALMA magazine, about one of my most favourite subjects: FOOD! In this case, Mallorcan Almonds. Look out for it in Palma hotspots!

I have also had an article published in English and Spanish in ABCMallorca, about ‘Mallorca’s Fertility Tourism’ – I was lucky to enough to interview two local medical experts on Fertility Treatments and I found out why they are inundated with clients from Germany and the UK. You can read the article online(Page 113).

I have begun donating my translation services in support of BenSmiles and ‘The Ride of His Life’ in aid of local and international children’s charities.

I have also been interviewed by SkyBlue Exchange, so if you would like to know more about me and what I do, watch this video

Got something to translate? Contact me for a no strings attached quote!

Love and Light,

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