Associate Member of the CIOL

Associate Member of the CIOL

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As I mentioned in my latest newsletter, I am now an Associate Member of the CIOL, Chartered Institute of Linguists in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1910, the Institute now has around 6,500 Fellows, Members and Associate Members. It aims to:

  • promote the learning and use of modern languages
  • improve the status of all professional linguists
  • establish and maintain high standards of work
  • serve the interests of all linguists
  • ensure professional standards amongst language practitioners through its Code of Conduct

The Institute is the only UK-based body serving all professional linguists, whatever their country of residence or specialisms.

In order to become an Associate I had to first present professional qualifications and then apply for membership with the support of professional referees and describing the nature and extent of my work as a freelance translator.

It is an honour to be accepted as part of this institute and I hope it will bring lots of new opportunities my way.

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