Do you enjoy eating cabbages?

Do you enjoy eating cabbages?

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My mum found this in a recent New Scientist magazine:

Someone wanted to test the limits of online automatic translation systems. She typed the phrase “I enjoy eating cabbages” into one. She told it to translate this into Japanese – and then translate the resulting phrase back into English, and then translate that to another language, and then back to English, and so on.

After approximately 20 such translations, her simple statement had turned into:
“Therefore, that is eaten because of possibility of fact of thing of possible possibility, designated that and that of a certain specification regarding that reason being shown it becomes, is inferred or as been, because either one types, whether it has been shown the fact that possibility should do my cabbage to that of the reason of this type, either one should enjoy some dependence of the range hypothesis our appointments which are shown, whether, these of appointment of the appointment which is shown are done.”

I think there is still hope for human translators!

Thanks goes out to the New Scientist.  and my mum. :)


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