The Full Process of Translation

The Full Process of Translation

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“Here, then, is the full process of translation. At one point we have a writer in a room, struggling to approximate the impossible vision that hovers over his head. He finishes it, with misgivings. Some time later we have a translator struggling to approximate the vision, not to mention the particulars of language and voice, of the text that lies before him. He does the best he can, but is never satisfied. And then, finally, we have the reader. The reader is the least tortured of this trio, but the reader too may very well feel that he is missing something in the book, that through sheer ineptitude he is failing to be a proper vessel for the book’s overarching vision.”

~ Michel Cunningham, Found in Translation (New York Times)

(Via The Economist)

I loved this.
It is taken from the ‘More Intelligent Life’ Magazine Blog.
And the original article (which is also awesome) is by Michel Cunningham and appeared in the New York Times

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  1. neftwink  - October 5, 2010 - 11:02 am

    As a reader I am constantly tortured. I can write the story better. It’s too slow, or I detest the antagonist’s sister because she brushes her teeth only once a day – at night, when she should be brushing them before breakfast, and then after every meal, or the story begins wrong, or it ends too soon, or the love affair is completely derailed by the wrong kind of fabric softner.

    It’s Bounce fabric softner, people – not Snuggle.

    I mean, come on!

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