I am bilingual, therefore I have two souls

I am bilingual, therefore I have two souls

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Charlemagne proclaimed that ‘to have a second language is to have a second soul’.

Do the languages we speak shape the way we think? Do they merely express thoughts, or do the structures in languages (without our knowledge or consent) shape the very thoughts we wish to express?

I have come across this article by Lera Boroditsky and found it extremely interesting. She tells us how language can influence the way we think and how if we learn a new language we also discovering a new way of looking at the world! Below is an extract from the article:

Some findings on how language can affect thinking.

  • Russian speakers, who have more words for light and dark blues, are better able to visually discriminate shades of blue.
  • Some indigenous tribes say north, south, east and west, rather than left and right, and as a consequence have great spatial orientation.
  • The Piraha, whose language eschews number words in favor of terms like few and many, are not able to keep track of exact quantities.

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