How pushy are you?

How pushy are you?

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Here’s a conundrum I have come across, and I hope some of you translators out there can help me come up with a satisfactory solution.

How do you translate ‘pushy‘ into Spanish? As in ‘he is a very pushy kind of person’.

And don’t give me ‘empujante‘ cos you know that just ain’t gonna work!

Look it up in a dictionary and you get the following suggestions:  agresivo, avasallador, prepotente, muy insistente, muy incisivo, pesado, molesto

– I don’t think any of the above are really satisfactory.

If you look up prepotente for example, you will find it means ill-disposed, indisposed, hostile, disinclined, averse or even arrogant. Someone on a forum entry even described it as being a ‘jerk‘.

Alguien prepotente generalmente te responde mal, te levanta la voz, y responde a tus bromas de manera un poco violenta

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think someone who is pushy is necessarily a jerk. He/she may be slightly arrogant, but I don’t think that puts across the full meaning either.

So, any suggestions out there?

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  1. Mark Brayshaw  - May 14, 2010 - 3:25 pm

    “muy insistente” is a close one.
    “avasallar” is another.
    “prepotente” is also pretty good.
    In context they would all make sense surely.
    Anyway, hope this helped and if not, I apologise.

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