reporting back on Speed Networking

reporting back on Speed Networking

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So I went along to the Speed Networking event, armed with my notes about me, and they soon went out the window when I actually started chatting to people! It was great, I met a teacher, a web designer, someone who owned a language school, a pension plan adviser, a virtual assistant, a life coach, a healer, a shoe designer and a solicitor. I made some valuable contacts and got the experience of talking confidently about what I do to other people doing business here in Mallorca. Would I go back? Yes. The only thing I thought was that it would have been better if it had been a tiny bit more structured, if some of us had been sitting at tables in a row and the other took turns sitting at each table, and so got a chance to talk to everyone. As it was, I didn’t get the chance of speaking to everyone there. But all round, this is a great way to network, and I highly recommend it. Visit Mallorca Business Club‘s website for more info.


La semana pasada asistí a mi primer evento de ‘Speed Networking’. Se trata de una reunión informal en la que tienes 4 minutos con todas las personas presentes para hablarles de lo que haces y intercambiar datos de contacto. La reunión tiene la misma estructura que una reunión ‘Speed Dating’, pero esta vez se trata de hacer contactos de negocio en vez de buscar citas. Me encantó la idea y la verdad es que conocí a mucha gente interesante, y con algunos de ellos espero poder hacer negocios más adelante. Os lo recomiendo a todos. Lo organiza Mallorca Business Club, y de momento es sólo en inglés.

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