2 minutes to talk about me

2 minutes to talk about me

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Today I have set myself the task of preparing a 2 minute talk about myself to share this evening at the Mallorca Business Club Speed Networking Event.

As in ‘speed dating’ you have 2 minutes to tell the other person about yourself and then they tell you about themselves, and when the time is up you move on to the next person. Although in this case it is more about networking and letting people know about what you have to offer business wise. This will be the first networking event I have attended since starting my translation mini business almost two years ago, so I am a tad nervous. And putting what I do into a clear two minute talk is not easy!

So far I have broken it down into some key pointers (I want to take notes with me, but I don’t want to be reading off a page, so will have to remember the key points I want to put across).

  • Introduction. Brief info about my background
  • TRANSLATION. Spanish into English and vice versa.
  • My translation specialty. Web content and websites with attention to SEO.
  • Web content writing, keyword rich content and blogs, including SkyBlue Mallorca.
  • Offline writing, writing article for various publications, including InPalma magazine.
  • Proofreading of English and Spanish texts.
  • Summary. Translation of any kind of texts, specialising in web content.  All round communications service. Helping people to communicate.

Will report back, wish me luck!

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