Unfortunately not an interpreter…

Unfortunately not an interpreter…

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Recently I have received two separate phone calls from people looking to hire me as an interpreter.  Unfortunately I am not an interpreter, but rather a translator (which means I translate written text, not oral dialogue), and I do not take on this kind of job.

That’s not too say I haven’t thought about it though.
I admire interpreters in a big way. Their job is unaccountably difficult and extremely important, that’s also why they have Big Salaries and Little work days! hmmm…. Maybe one day!

For an idea about ‘a day in the life of an interpreter’ read this article.  The article is entitled ‘Saving the EU from getting lost in translation’ and it is about how the interpreters working in the EU are basically the glue keeping everything from coming apart!
All hail the all-important interpreters!

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