Are there rules when it comes to writing?

Are there rules when it comes to writing?

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One of the things I like to write about on this blog is writing. You may have seen a previous post where I quoted Margaret Attwood’s rules for writing which were published as part of a mammoth article in The Guardian. Everyone loves to talk about writing, and how you should do it. Everyone likes to read about writing and how you should do it. But are there really any rules?

I think not, but okay, there are some things which seem to make sense, like for example, if you want to write carry a small notepad with you so you can jot down ideas (I use my phone for this), keep a regular diary, read lots and lots of books.

I have never had the opportunity to attend a writing course or anything similar, and I expect they help, if only to get some feedback on your work. Other than that though, I think you are pretty much on your own.

I love this publication called More Intelligent Life, (I think I might have to subscribe to it actually), and they have published an article which is pretty much ‘in reaction’ to the Guardian’s lengthy and star studded contribution to ‘The rules on writing’. The article suggests that we like to read about what works for other authors because it makes us feel less alone, and that the ‘rules’ that ring true are the ones that already work for us individually, or at least make it that bit easier.

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