Badly written copy

Badly written copy

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As a translator you are sometimes presented with some badly written copy to translate, and this is not a dig at any of my clients, I’m just saying. And badly written copy often causes difficulties. Sometimes you even come across a text that has been translated from another language, and not very well at that, so that by the time you have to tackle it into fluid writing it has been completely turned inside out and has become quite incomprehensible. This is when as translators we have to communicate with our clients, ask questions, request clarification, so that our final piece of work in the source language makes sense and is up to standard. Then we are faced with a dilemma; do you notify the client about the badly written original piece? and remember this can be something they have written themselves.

In my opinion, it is part of our duty as communicators and translators to do so. At least to make a few subtle points, especially if there are grammatical errors. If you uphold top quality writing and translating in your work, you should notify clients when they have some less than acceptable copy.

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