So what do I do?

So what do I do?

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I am a writing, translation and general communication specialist.

I have had ample experience writing for online and offline publications, including the rewriting and seo optimization of online content. I am able to do my own research, and so am happy to write about any range of subjects, but my most common subject matters include; travel and tourism, literature, books and reading, gambling and casinos, food and drink and gastronomy in general. I am fast and efficient, I write in United Kingdom English in a correct, precise and interesting manner.

I am also a freelance translator of Spanish to English and vice versa. I have spent time studying the theory and practice of translation whilst preparing for the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Diploma in Translation. I am sensitive to the needs of each and every text I need to translate and I know when to use precision as well as how to use my writing skills to produce a coherent and well written text in the source language.

As a proofreader I am accurate and precise. I take into account any further information needed and I take care to make sure the text in question meets the standards required as well as fully communicating its purpose.

I am bilingual and live in bilingual surroundings so that my knowledge of English and Spanish is exceptional. I am reliable and honest, and I am not afraid of asking questions so that every piece of work I complete is exactly what the client needed.

I specialize in helping people to communicate, whether it be to write them a piece of content which effectively puts their message across, proofreading copy which has already been written to make sure it is written in correct and proper language, or translating a piece into an entirely different language in order to reach even more people. I enjoy what I do and I do it with pride. Hire me now to help your business reach more people, fast.

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