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So. Here’s a quick recap. I have located all my dictionaries and resource material. I would just like to locate some kind of legal glossary. maybe on the internet. My exam will require me to translate a text on one of the following subjects; Law, Science or Social Science. Science is completely out as I am the most unscientific person I know so I am trying to be ready to do the social science option, but I want to keep the Law door open, so a glossary of legal terms would be very useful. No time to buy a legal dictionary now.

I have separated all the paper 3 past papers I have and gone through and translated one, with rather hapless results.

I am feeling extremely uneloquent and I am finding it difficult to be positive – but I have put it to myself that I need to try my very best to focus on this this week.

I am now off to read a European Commission booklet on How to Write Clearly and then go through a couple of past papers.

Wish me luck

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