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Right, its 8pm on a Thursday evening. I have to cook dinner for my husband who is currently using my lounge as an all day office with his business partner (picture very loud conversations and a distinct lack of space).

But that’s ok because I have cleared the decks of any pressing work commitments so that I can dedicate tomorrow to revising for my translation exam. And this is the plan:
First, familiarise myself with my huge dictionary tomes, that includes locating them and then looking through them to see what extra help they may have for me.
Second, find all my past papers and separate all unit 3 papers to revise. Go through any sample translations I have with corrections on them and see where I went wrong (or not, as the case may be).
Third, download some more sample past papers and do at least one trial translation from scratch, using only dictionaries, as in the exam.
Fourth, locate my Parallel Texts books and find some stories to read and see in translation. (great way to practise).

And that’s all in one day – so now I shall stop watching Ellen Degeneres and go and cook the dinner!

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