Pidgin. A bastard mongrel hybrid.

Pidgin. A bastard mongrel hybrid.

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‘At the foreigner’s club Glover had picked up a cheaply produced phrasebook purporting to give a newcomer to Japan a few rudimentary expressions, conversational gambits.

I, it said was waterkoosh.
Watakashi‘ said Mackenzie.
You was O my.
Tea was otcher.
Silk was kinoo.

‘First-class gibberish,’ said Mackenzie. ‘Pidgin. A bastard mongrel hybrid.’

The above is a quotation from the book I am reading at the moment. The Pure Land, by Alan Spence. I found this particular passage very entertaining and a great portrayal of pidgin versions of languages.

Pidgin is of course the name we give to a language which has been simplified by the people who use it on a daily basis, usually to facilitate communication between two peoples who do not have a language in common. The subject of pidgin language and why and how it develops is actually very interesting in its own right. Click here for more information on pidgin language.

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