Back to the books..

Back to the books..

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I have less than a month to get my studying hat on and revise some theory and terminology for my upcoming Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation. I have only got to sit one more module till I have passed the entire exam; the Science, Social Science or Law module. I will have two hours in which to translate a text from Spanish into English. I will get to choose one of three texts; each will have either a Science, Social Science or Law theme. None of the three above subjects are my strong point; except if I am lucky with Social Science… so I have a lot of work to do. I will mostly be going over past papers and trying to bang out translations, remembering to use only a dictionary, as we are not allowed computers in the exam! I will use this blog to post how it is all going and how much work I have done. In the meantime, I do also have all my regular work and translating to do! It’s going to be a long month….

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