Time management: a distinct lack of it!

Time management: a distinct lack of it!

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I am sorry to say I have been unable to find the time lately to update my blog! This is all due to lack of time management! I have been grappling with time management and literally different ideas of how best to manage my time for some days now and I am still failing to find an effective way with which I can do all the work required of me in a day plus the odd businessy or educational thing or two I like to do for my own enjoyment or personal improvement (and I include my blog in this category), plus some exercise (in my case some swimming and/or yoga), plus help my hubby out with his business venture AND have time to cook a scrumptious dinner and relax in the evening.

This is really something which is kind of getting me down. If anyone has some proven technique which will help me get around this issue – I would love to hear it. Or at least a way to stop my MIND making it such a struggle.  In the meantime I have piles of work to do, piles of washing to do, and much much more!!

In the meantime I have added a new LINKS page to my blog. At the moment in contains links to blogs I appreciate. All are written by fascinating women who have a lot to share with cyberspace.

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