Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing

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Along with my translation work, I am often requested to do some proofreading and, or editing. This, more often than not, involves reading over a piece which has already been translated and suggesting corrections or giving it ‘the go ahead’ as a well written piece of copy.  To be able to do this kind of work I have had to investigate and do some research about how to go about it, and also how to price it. Pricing editing and proofreading can be very difficult to do. First of all we need to establish whether the work to be done is actually editing or proofreading, as these are not one and the same and require a differing level of work. Secondly we need to establish just how much work is entailed. Frequently I get sent pieces of translated work which are just terrible, and literally need to be re-written, and this of course entails a lot more work than just a few corrections would. There are still people out there who continue to believe in the powers of Google translate and other such automated translation services which never fail to produce a less than satisfactory translation!

So I have come to the conclusion that as with translation, there are some guidelines which I will follow when it comes to pricing editing and proofreading work, but a final price cannot be given until I have seen the piece and the amount of work required.

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