Should you translate?

Should you translate?

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This was a question I had to ask myself a few times before I actually did something about it.
I spent quite a lot of time looking for reassurance that I would be good at translating and that it was worth me pursuing more study and work.

Here are some questions which helped me along the way. I hope they can help you take the plunge and join the ranks of the translators of tomorrow..

Do you like translation? ie.. do you like working with languages? do you like writing?

Are you good at it? Be honest, do you think you are good at writing and languages?

Can you make a living out of it? consider what your language pair would be and if there is a need for it in your area, or if you know where you can get customers from.  remember that you may be working long hours by yourself and you will need a lot of self discipline.

Do you need more preparation? this does not only include study, MA’s and translation diplomas, but maybe some business prep. managing your own time and finances can be quite challenging.

I am coming across lots of interesting blogs on the subject of translation and i hope to link to a few soon,  they make very interesting reading and prove the saying that perhaps all good translators should also be good writers – or vice versa. :)

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