building a client base

building a client base

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So I am trying to harness the powers of networking, both online and offline to get myself a solid client base..
yesterday I went to see someone about some more translation work, which would mean a nice steady flow of translations from Spanish to English, so I am quite chuffed about that. and need to start translating TODAY as they want a sample of my work before they agree to me doing everything.
the blogging job I mentioned before came through, and I am using the opportunity to learn more about the powers of content, key words and blogging on the internet. Hope I manage the blog well and it grows! I will also have to write some Press Releases for them soon, which again, is an art in itself! more about press releases soon.
For now, this is the start up I am blogging for, click on blog to see the blog i manage for them.

Next step is to send out lots of emails to potential translation customers… I know you are out there! :)

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