discovering wordpress..

discovering wordpress..

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so i am still a beginning with the whole wordpress thing..

i run a blog on blogger which is in connection to one of the websites i do a lot of work for. It is pretty easy to keep it updated as i spend so much time doing so many things related to the work..

Here is the blog i am referring to

I have been writing many articles in English and in Spanish through the blog and for the website it refers to. All about food and wine. I have also been doing a lot of translating for the company in question, so consider myself something of an expert at translating menus and gastronomy related texts.

I have recenty been approached by someone to write a blog for their website as well as some press releases. I would really like to do the job, but they are still considering my quote at the moment. Pricing blogs seem to be a matter of very little clarity. Some people seem to be undercharging big time. I mean, it is still writing, even if it is a very fast medium.

I shall keep you posted.

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